I Remember That...

A collection of all our memories in one place

A timeline of our hometowns

At Reach we love to see photos of how our cities used to look. It’s great to remember how life used to be and see just how much things have changed.

We have created a special photographic timeline where you can scroll through images to see how the streets you grew up on have developed over time.

We're starting small but we'll be adding photos all the time and we hope that you’ll join us. Whether it’s images from photo albums or a box in the attic which are now on your phone, add them to the timeline to help paint a picture of how life used to be

If you click on the All Photos button at the top of this page you can look through all of our photos, search for specific names, places and dates.

If you have photos to add to the timeline, click on Upload Your Photo at the top of the page. There's no need to create an account. Once you have uploaded your photo it will be approved by moderators and added to the gallery.

To launch this project we're asking for photos of Glasgow and Edinburgh but we've got plans to include as many places as we can.